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Pre-cleaning Process
This machine is used to remove all the powdered substances, dust and other other unhygienic substances from the raw rice in powder shape.
Paddy Seperator
The rice after hulling process still contains paddy. It is given special sideway motions as it rolls down towards the lower front end of the separating trays. This separates the rice from the paddy .
Rice Polisher
In this cleaning process, the Rice Polishing Machine NF-14 separates the white  powder and dust from the raw rice. All sorts of dust and other harmful materials are removed from rice. And each grain of rice appears whiter as compared to the raw rice
Silky Rice Polisher
In this process the Silky Polisher uses a combined process of water sprays which later is passed through driers, this process gives a shine to the rice and is in a much better color then the raw rice and after the process of passing through the initial rice polisher, i.e. NF-14.
Length Grader
In the length grading process, at first the machines separates the broken & pinpoint, and maintains the percentage of broken raw rice. We make sure that the each grain of rice delivered to our customers, is of the highest quality, every grain is ensured to retain one size.
Color Sortex
There are various colored grains in raw rice,  this machine helps during the processing cycle to maintain the quality. Here in this process, all discolored grains (such as red & yellow) are removed and finally the result is a pure shinny white rice.
Weighing Scale
After all the processing at the plant, a computerized weighting scale weights each bag filled up with rice is weighed and the required amount is then sealed up and dispatched. The bags come in various sizes and materials, namingly Jute bags, Cotton & PP bags.
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